Friday, 27 March 2009

chinese visa consultant--How to use my blog

How to use this blog? 如何使用这个博客?
this blog consists of 7 sections. 这个博客由7个部分组成:

All How-to's 是关于外国人签证方面最常遇到的问题的解答。
It is about the most frequently asked questions and answers.
Chinese visa services 是我提供的外国人签证服务业务,关于签证延期、变更,转换等。
All the visa services I provide are here,such as visa extension, alteration,renewal.
Leave a message 是大家对我的服务留下一些评价或建议,也可以提出自己的一些问题。
It is for my clients to leave a comment or suggestion.Also, welcome you to ask some questions here.
Downloads 里面是关于签证的文件,大家可以自由下载。
It is for you to free download the visa related documents you need.
Links 主要是一些政府相关的网站,可以查找到与外国人签证相关的官方信息。
there are some government website links here for you to check more information.
Other services 里面有我能提供的其他服务,比如汉语培训、企业注册代办以及工作机会等。
I also provide some other services,please check it.
Contact me 是我的联系方式,有什么问题可以随时和我交流!
You can find my contact information here, don't hesitate to contact me .